[HEADS UP] status of databases/sqlite* is too bad.

Norikatsu Shigemura nork at FreeBSD.org
Sat Nov 20 06:20:37 PST 2004

Hi sqlite and ports depending on itself maintainers.

	Status of databases/sqlite* is too bad.

		+- databases/sqlite	SQLite 2.8.14
		|  databases/sqlite2	SQLite 2.8.14
		+- databases/sqlite3	SQLite 3.0.5

	The first, sqlite2 is not connect to ports system.  The
	secound, sqlite3 is not repocopy-ed from sqlite.

	I think that we should do following things.  How about?

	1.  databases/sqlite should be updated to 3.x.
	    Of course, ports depending on sqlite(*) or sqlite3 must
	    chase library version bump and dependency.  And some
	    ports depending on sqlite2 change dependency on to

	2. databases/sqlite2 sould be connected to ports system.

	3. databases/sqlite3 sould be removed from ports system.

	(*) sqlite 3.x has a compatibility to sqlite 2.x API.  But
	    we know that some applications are only depended on sqlite2
	    (API? or format?) like mail/popfile(please read
	    /usr/ports/UPDATING#20041024 matsushita's report).
	     So we should confirm that these are depended on sqlite3.
	    For the time, I'll change all dependency on to sqlite2.

	If these are OK, I'll commit these change.

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