Pyzor port broken?

John Fox readbsd at
Tue Nov 16 11:41:16 PST 2004


I just installed the 'pyzor' port on a 4.10-RELEASE-p3 machine, and
have encountered a definite problem.  I don't know if the port is
broken, but seems it could be.  Hence, this message.

The pyzor version installed is "pyzor-0.4.0_3".

The problem I am seeing comes when running the "pyzor genkey"
command -- the pyzor process never returns.

Built the same version of pyzor on a Fedora Cora (Linux) machine
and with the same command, the process returns immediately.

So it seems to me that maybe there's a problem on the FreeBSD
side of things, and therefore, a possible problem with the port.

Are there any suggestions on things to do to determine with more
certainly whether or not the port is broken?

Thank you,

John Fox
System Administrator, InfoStructure
Ashland, Oregon USA
"A revolutionist must keep his mind free of worry
or the pressure becomes intolerable."
 -Robert A. Heinlein, _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_

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