Which version FreeBSD work with Linuxigd?

Yen-Ming Lee leeym at FreeBSD.org
Tue Nov 16 07:53:45 PST 2004

On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 11:26:13PM +0800, AlanBAKA wrote:
> Hello
> First I want to say "Thank a lot" to you for portting LINUXIGD to  FreeBSD
> I have try the software, but  not work correctly. I have search on the net for
> a long time, but I can not found any usefull information to help me to soft
> this problem.
> I am very new to BSD(just start from 4.2),I have try it on FreeBSD 5.2.1 / 5.3
> with ipf or pf firewall.
> The problem is the upnp gateway SOMETIME can see in XP,  when just start up the
> window the upnp gateway SOMETIME is working, the MSN can find and config the
> gateway,but for few min laster it's became not configurable.
> I want to know which version of freebsd you have been tested. and which NAT or
> firewall that you recommand I use? I will try that.

I ported linuxigd to FreeBSD on 4.6-STABLE, and tested it with MSN messenger 4.
linuxigd have to work with ipnat, which is a part of IPFILTER.

However, since MSN messenger 6 can talk without the UPnP enabled gateway,
I myself no longer run it on my FreeBSD box.

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