HEADSUP: INDEX[-5] files were removed from CVS.

Mark Russell freebsd at mark.net.au
Sat Nov 13 14:51:44 GMT 2004

On Sat, 13 Nov 2004, Michael Nottebrock wrote:

> Mark Russell wrote:
>> I have seen no discussion on it can you point me to the thread in the lists 
>> please
> It has been discussed on a non-public list. In any case, there's no point in 
> rehashing the discussion now, you can solve your immediate problem by 
> overriding INDEXFILE yourself.

So major changes to 2 stable branches have been discussed in non public 
lists and non gives a hoot on the effects on how it effects the general 

I'm sorry I would like this thing roled back and discussed in public, its 
really really broken shit for alot of machines I admin without even a RFC, 
this is a stupid thing to happen.


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