ircd problem

Alexander Chechet alx at
Fri Nov 12 13:11:18 GMT 2004


Installed irc-2.10.3p6 from ports (4.9-RELEASE), made some ircd.conf
but could not start daemon. Checked config with /usr/local/sbin/chkconf
and got strange things like:

initconf(): ircd.conf = /usr/local/etc/ircd/ircd.conf
ERROR: Bad config line (P::::6667:)
         Wrong delimiter? (should be %)
No P-line found (mandatory)

Well... replaced all semicolons by '%' and daemon started. Now I can connect 
to server with telnet localhost 6667 but irc command gives me always
like this: 

$> irc -p6667 localhost 
irc: unknown host

Could you comment it please?

Thanks for any help.

Alexander Chechet

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