no cvs port?

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Mon Nov 8 21:54:11 GMT 2004

Edwin Groothuis wrote:

> and stay vulnerable? How many people keep running old name servers
> when they don't mention it in /etc/rc.conf after an reboot?

How many people do install such things from ports w/o knowing to toggle
/etc/rc.conf? How many of those users know the OVERWRITE_BASE option? And
how many of them knows that their installation will be gone after they
upgrade once more their world (from binary, or from source w/o setting the
appropriate switch in make.conf). And when their installation is gone,
they are left with a "some kind of damaged" pkgdb (because of non-matching
checksums). Questions over questions... and I won't speak for others, just
for myself when I say I don't really like that option. Isn't even your
port installation gone when you are upgrading from CD? (I never did it)

 Oliver Lehmann

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