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Fri Nov 5 05:24:01 PST 2004

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Røste Pål Asmund wrote:
| Hi, I see that you are the mantainer of the FreeBSD Port of azureus. I
| was only wondering if the update to will come to the 4.10-STABLE
| ports soon, or if I should just install the release now?

There is only one ports collection. It is independent of any version of

Azureus has a very serious memory leak on jdk-1.4.2, the leak is
reported as being fixed on jdk-1.5 . However, we do not yet have a
native port of jdk-1.5 if the linux jdk is used it would require linux
swt libraries, as the native ones compiled by the Eclipse port will not
work with the linux jdk. There are also a lot of other bug reports
coming in for so I have not yet submitted a patch to perform the
update, I've decided to wait for the bugs to be corrected.

I'm currently hoping that the memory leak will be fixed on jdk-1.4.2 so
the port can be updated. If you want to see the memory leak in action
you can apply the patch found here:

| I am just asking this as a kind question, not meaning to bug you.
| Thanx for working as a port mantainer!!

You're welcome, and thanks for the email.

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