Tom Connolly tomc at
Wed Nov 3 13:38:00 PST 2004

> Tom McLaughlin wrote:

> After running the mono-merge script (mono-merge.tar.gz off of the main
> page) just do:
> portupgrade -ar mono-\*
> Mono 1.0.4 ports were just committed last night so you'll be up to
> date with the latest version.

Once again thank you.  

> Email bsd-sharp-list if you run into
> any problems.

I have actually just sent an inquiry to the bsd-sharp-list requesting
some information about installing but I believe you just answered
everything for me here.  There is something called MONO_HEAD which
appears to be the mono-merge.tar.gz file and there is also a 1.0.2 file.
I assume the latter is the latest stable release and includes everything
I need.

> The ports aren't perfect,
> Mono still has a lot of problems on FreeBSD, but things are being
> worked on.

I'm actually very enthused that this project exists.  I'm sure it will
take time to get things working perfectly but that's the fun part right
I'm looking forward to working with it.

Thanks again,


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