treating OPTIONS

Thomas-Martin Seck tmseck-lists at
Sun Mar 28 05:19:03 PST 2004

* Oliver Eikemeier (eikemeier at

> Thomas-Martin Seck wrote:
> >[...]
> >
> >Autodetection is not bad as such, but it needs to be overridable and it
> >should not be allowed to mess with OPTIONS.
> I agree that there should be a way to turn it off, but why should the port
> not preselect OPTIONS that activate features that are available on the
> current system? I your case you would get LDAP support preselected, but
> could simply turn it off?

In my opinion, OPTIONS should be static; it should represent the default
feature set the maintainer or the software author has/had in mind (that
is why I do not consider it to be a problem when OPTION's datafile is
not read in the BATCH and PACKAGE_BUILDING cases because you just have
to get the parser right, instrumenting the fact that you get a
WITHOUT_FOO for every WITH_FOO for free). Autotuning this default option
set can have interesting effects in a package building environment,
effectively it forces you to build every package in a clean room
environment to avoid dependency pollution.

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