Replace to mntent.h

Tilman Linneweh arved at
Thu Feb 26 09:24:30 PST 2004

* Markus Brueffer [Do, 26 Feb 2004 at 18:12 GMT]:
>> I need som e help to port, and its needs
>> mntemt.h
>> these functions
>> getmntent
>> setmntent
>> endmntent
>> I have looked for it at fam/port
>> and I saw a mntent.h (but can build the project),
>> a mntent(compat with freebsd) the same above.
> Yes, these are additional files to provide the above mentioned functions,=20
> since they are not available on FreeBSD out of the box.
>> Anyone where can I find a substitute way to get this functions?
> You can just reuse these two files. I'm doing it myself in sysutils/filelig=
> ht=20
> and it works without a glitch. Just add them to the files-directory and cop=
> y=20
> them to the desired location in the post-patch target. Don't forget to=20
> connect them to the build of your program (see the patches of filelight for=
> an easy way to do so, without adding too many additional patches).
> If you have any further problems with it, please provide some more informat=
> ion=20
> about what doesn't work in detail. :)

Btw, would it make it sense to put these into a shared library?
Copying these files into more and more ports looks bad.


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