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Emmanuel GUEGAN emmanuel.guegan at
Wed Feb 18 15:04:37 PST 2004

vaio# pwd
vaio# make
===>   sdl_image-1.2.3_1 depends on file: /usr/local/bin/sdl11-config -  
===>   sdl_image-1.2.3_1 depends on executable: gmake - found
===>   sdl_image-1.2.3_1 depends on file:  
/usr/local/libexec/libtool13/libtool - found
===>   sdl_image-1.2.3_1 depends on shared library: jpeg.9 - found
===>   sdl_image-1.2.3_1 depends on shared library: png.5 - found
===>   sdl_image-1.2.3_1 depends on shared library: tiff.4 - found
===>   sdl_image-1.2.3_1 depends on shared library: SDL-1.1.5 - found
===>  Configuring for sdl_image-1.2.3_1
loading cache ./config.cache
checking host system type... i386-portbld-freebsd5.2
checking target system type... i386-portbld-freebsd5.2
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c -o root -g  
checking whether build environment is sane... yes
checking whether gmake sets ${MAKE}... (cached) yes
checking for working aclocal... found
checking for working autoconf... found
checking for working automake... found
checking for working autoheader... found
checking for working makeinfo... found
checking whether to enable maintainer-specific portions of Makefiles... no
checking build system type... i386-portbld-freebsd5.2
checking for ranlib... (cached) ranlib
checking for gcc... (cached) cc
checking whether the C compiler (cc -O -pipe  -L/usr/local/lib  
-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lm) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (cc -O -pipe  -L/usr/local/lib  
-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lm) is a cross-compiler... no
checking whether we are using GNU C... (cached) yes
checking whether cc accepts -g... (cached) yes
checking for ld used by GCC... (cached) /usr/bin/ld
checking if the linker (/usr/bin/ld) is GNU ld... (cached) yes
checking for BSD-compatible nm... (cached) /usr/bin/nm -B
checking whether ln -s works... (cached) yes
updating cache ./config.cache
loading cache ./config.cache within ltconfig
checking for object suffix... o
checking for executable suffix... (cached) no
checking for cc option to produce PIC... -fPIC
checking if cc PIC flag -fPIC works... yes
checking if cc supports -c -o file.o... yes
checking if cc supports -c -o file.lo... yes
checking if cc supports -fno-rtti -fno-exceptions ... no
checking if cc static flag -static works... -static
checking if the linker (/usr/bin/ld) is GNU ld... yes
checking whether the linker (/usr/bin/ld) supports shared libraries... yes
checking command to parse /usr/bin/nm -B output... ok
checking how to hardcode library paths into programs... immediate
checking for /usr/bin/ld option to reload object files... -r
checking dynamic linker characteristics... freebsd5.2
checking if libtool supports shared libraries... yes

*** Warning: the command libtool uses to detect shared libraries,
*** /usr/bin/file, produces output that libtool cannot recognize.
*** The result is that libtool may fail to recognize shared libraries
*** as such.  This will affect the creation of libtool libraries that
*** depend on shared libraries, but programs linked with such libtool
*** libraries will work regardless of this problem.  Nevertheless, you
*** may want to report the problem to your system manager and/or to
*** bug-libtool at

checking whether to build shared libraries... yes
checking whether to build static libraries... yes
checking for objdir... .libs
creating libtool
updating cache ./config.cache
loading cache ./config.cache
checking whether gmake sets ${MAKE}... (cached) yes
checking for gcc... (cached) cc
checking whether the C compiler (cc -O -pipe  -L/usr/local/lib  
-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lm) works... yes
checking whether the C compiler (cc -O -pipe  -L/usr/local/lib  
-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lm) is a cross-compiler... no
checking whether we are using GNU C... (cached) yes
checking whether cc accepts -g... (cached) yes
checking for inline... inline
checking for a BSD compatible install... /usr/bin/install -c -o root -g  
checking for sdl-config... /usr/local/bin/sdl11-config
checking for SDL - version >= 1.2.4... Abort trap (core dumped)
*** Could not run SDL test program, checking why...
*** The test program compiled, but did not run. This usually means
*** that the run-time linker is not finding SDL or finding the wrong
*** version of SDL. If it is not finding SDL, you'll need to set your
*** LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable, or edit /etc/ to point
*** to the installed location  Also, make sure you have run ldconfig if  
*** is required on your system
*** If you have an old version installed, it is best to remove it, although
*** you may also be able to get things to work by modifying LD_LIBRARY_PATH
configure: error: *** SDL version 1.2.4 not found!
===>  Script "configure" failed unexpectedly.
Please report the problem to ports at [maintainer] and attach the
"/usr/ports/graphics/sdl_image/work/SDL_image-1.2.3/config.log" including  
output of the failure of your make command. Also, it might be a good idea  
provide an overview of all packages installed on your system (e.g. an `ls
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/graphics/sdl_image.

vaio# ls /var/db/pkg
Goggles-0.5.6_2                                 kmerlin-1.4.2
Hermes-1.3.3                                    koffice-1.3,1
ImageMagick-                          ksetisaver-0.3.4_1
ORBit-0.5.17_2                                  lame-3.95.1_1
ORBit2-2.8.3_1                                  lcms-1.09_1,1
Sablot-1.0_1                                    libIDL-0.8.3_1
WordNet-1.7.1                                   liba52-0.7.4_1
XFree86-FontServer-4.3.0_2                      libart_lgpl2-2.3.16
XFree86-NestServer-4.3.0_3                      libaudiofile-0.2.5
XFree86-PrintServer-4.3.0_1                     libbonobo-2.4.3_1
XFree86-Server-4.3.0_12                         libbonoboui-2.4.3_1
XFree86-VirtualFramebufferServer-4.3.0_3        libcdaudio-0.99.9_1
XFree86-clients-4.3.0_5                         libdvdcss-1.2.8_1
XFree86-documents-4.3.0                         libdvdnav-0.1.3
XFree86-font100dpi-4.3.0                        libdvdplay-1.0.1
XFree86-font75dpi-4.3.0                         libdvdread-0.9.4
XFree86-fontCyrillic-4.3.0                      libebml-0.4.3_1
XFree86-fontDefaultBitmaps-4.3.0                libfame-0.9.0
XFree86-fontEncodings-4.3.0                     libfpx-
XFree86-fontScalable-4.3.0                      libgda2-1.0.3_1
XFree86-libraries-4.3.0_6                       libglade2-2.0.1_2
XFree86-manuals-4.3.0                           libglut-5.0.2
Xft-2.1.2                                       libgnome-2.4.0_4
a2ps-a4-4.13b_1                                 libgnomecanvas-2.4.0_1
aalib-1.4.r5_1                                  libgnomedb-1.0.3_1
acme-2.4.2_1                                    libgnomeprint-2.4.2_1
acroread-5.08                                   libgnomeprintui-2.4.2_1
adpcm-1.2                                       libgnomeui-
apg-2.3.0b                                      libiconv-1.9.1_3
arts-1.1.4_3,1                                  libid3tag-0.15.0b_1
ascii2pdf-0.9.1                                 libmad-0.15.0b
aspell-                               libmatroska-0.4.3_1
atk-1.4.1_2                                     libmng-1.0.5_1
autoconf-2.13.000227_5                          libmpeg2-0.3.1_1
autoconf-2.53_1                                 libmusicbrainz-2.0.2_2
automake-1.4.5_9                                libogg-1.1,3
automake-1.5,1                                  libpaper-1.1.14
barcode-0.97                                    libsigc++-1.0.4
bash-2.05b.007                                  libsoup-1.99.26_1
bash-completion-20040101                        libtool-1.3.5_1
bison-1.75_2                                    libtool-1.4.3_2
bmon-1.2.1                                      libtool-1.5
boehm-gc-6.2                                    libungif-4.1.0b1_1
c2html-0.9.2                                    libvorbis-1.0.1,3
c2ps-a4-4.0                                     libwmf-
cdparanoia-3.9.8_7                              libwnck-
cdrdao-1.1.7_5                                  libwww-5.4.0_1
cdrtools-2.0.3_1                                libxine-1.0.r3_2
cups-base-                              libxml-1.8.17_2
cvsup-16.1h                                     libxml2-2.6.5_1
cweb-3.63                                       libxslt-1.1.2_3
db41-4.1.25_1                                   linc-1.0.3_1
djbfft-0.76                                     links-2.1.p11,1
docbook-1.3                                     linux_base-7.1_5
docbook-241_2                                   linuxdoc-1.1_1
docbook-3.0_2                                   lynx-ssl-
docbook-3.1_2                                   m4-1.4_1
docbook-4.0_2                                   madplay-0.15.0b_2
docbook-4.1_2                                   mkisofs-2.0.3_1
docbook-sk-4.1.2_2                              mp-a4-3.0.1
docbook-xml-4.2_1                               mplayer-fonts-0.50
docbook-xsl-1.63.0_1                            mplayer-skins-1.1.0
docproj-1.11                                    mplayerxp-0.1.9_2
doxygen-1.3.5_1                                 nasm-0.98.38_1,1
dri-4.3.0,1                                     netpbm-10.20_1
dsssl-docbook-modular-1.78_4,1                  nmap-3.50
enscript-a4-1.6.1_2                             nvidia-driver-1.0.4365_2
esound-0.2.32_1                                 ogle-0.9.2_2
evolution-1.4.5_1                               ogle-gui-0.9.2_1
expat-1.95.6_1                                  okle-0.3_1
fam-2.6.9_4                                     open-motif-2.2.2_2
fastcrc-1.0                                     openldap-client-2.1.26
fib-1.1                                         p0f-2.0.3_1
flac-1.1.0_3                                    p5-Authen-PAM-0.14
fontconfig-2.2.90_3                             p5-Authen-SASL-2.06
fox-1.1.42                                      p5-Digest-1.05
fping-2.4b2                                     p5-Digest-MD5-2.33
fr-kde-i18n-3.2.0                               p5-Event-0.87
fr-koffice-i18n-1.3                             p5-GdkPixbuf-0.7009_1
freetype2-2.1.5_1                               p5-Gtk-0.7009_1
fribidi-0.10.4_1                                p5-HTML-Parser-3.34
gaa-1.6.2                                       p5-HTML-Tagset-3.03
gail-1.4.1_1                                    p5-MIME-Base64-3.00
gal2-1.99.10_2                                  p5-Net-1.17,1
gawk-3.1.1_1                                    p5-Net-SSLeay-1.23
gcc-3.1.1_20020909                              p5-PDF-Create-0.01
gconf2-                                p5-Storable-2.09
gd-2.0.15_1,1                                   p5-URI-1.30
gdk-pixbuf-0.22.0                               p5-XML-Parser-2.34
gettext-0.13.1                                  p5-XML-Writer-0.4.1
ghostscript-gnu-7.07_6                          p5-libwww-5.76
glade2-2.0.1_1                                  pango-1.2.5_1
glib-1.2.10_10                                  pcre-4.5
glib-2.2.3_1                                    peps-1.0_1
gmake-3.80_2                                    perl-5.6.1_15
gnet2-2.0.4_1                                   pib-1.2
gnome-icon-theme-1.0.9_1                        pilot-link-0.11.8_2
gnomedesktop-                          pkg_tree-1.1_1
gnomehier-1.0_13                                pkgconfig-0.15.0
gnomemimedata-2.4.1_1                           png-1.2.5_2
gnomepanel-2.4.2_1                              popt-1.6.4_2
gnomepilot2-2.0.10_1                            portsman-0.2_1
gnomespell-1.0.5_1                              portupgrade-20040208
gnomevfs2-2.4.2_1                               pstree-2.21
gnupg-1.2.4_1                                   pth-2.0.0
gob2-2.0.6_1                                    python-2.3.3_1
graphviz-1.10_2                                 qmake-3.2.3_1
gsm-1.0.10                                      qt-3.2.3
gtk-1.2.10_10                                   quanta-3.2.0,2
gtk-2.2.4_2                                     ruby-
gtkhtml3-3.0.9_1                                ruby-bdb1-0.2.1
gtksourceview-0.7.0_1                           ruby-shim-ruby18-1.8.1.p3
hdf-4.1r5                                       samba-libsmbclient-3.0.1
help2man-1.29                                   scr2png-1.1_4
html-4.01_2                                     scr2txt-1.1
html2ps-A4-1.0_1                                scrollkeeper-0.3.14_1,1
id3lib-3.8.3                                    sdl-1.2.5_3,1
imake-4.3.0_1                                   sdocbook-xml-
imlib-1.9.14_2                                  sgmlformat-1.7_2
imwheel-0.9.9_1                                 simicq-0.9.2_1
intltool-0.30_1                                 smartmontools-5.26_1
iso8879-1986_2                                  sourcenav-5.1.4_1
jade-1.2.1_6                                    speex-1.0.3_1,1
jasper-1.700.5                                  startup-notification-0.5_2
jbigkit-1.5                                     svgalib-1.4.3_2
jpeg-6b_1                                       t1lib-5.0.0_1
k3b-0.10.3_1                                    taglib-1.0_1
kaffeine-0.4.1_1                                tcl-8.2.3_3
kbarcode-1.6.2                                  tcl-8.3.5_2
kbilliards-0.4.b_1                              tcl-8.4.5,1
kdbg-1.2.5_1                                    teTeX-2.0.2_3
kde-3.2.0                                       thefish-0.4.4
kdeaccessibility-3.2.0                          tidy-20000804_2
kdeaddons-3.2.0                                 tiff-3.6.0
kdeadmin-3.2.0                                  tk-8.2.3_2
kdeartwork-3.2.0                                tk-8.3.5_2
kdebase-3.2.0                                   tk-8.4.5,1
kdeedu-3.2.0                                    trm-0.2.1_5
kdegames-3.2.0                                  unzip-5.50_2
kdegraphics-3.2.0_1                             w3m-img-0.4.1
kdelibs-3.2.0                                   weblint-1.020
kdemultimedia-3.2.0_3                           webmin-1.130_4
kdenetwork-3.2.0                                win32-codecs-2.0.90_1,1
kdepim-3.2.0_1                                  wrapper-1.0_3
kdesdk-3.2.0                                    xhtml-1.0.20020801_4
kdetoys-3.2.0                                   xmlcatmgr-2.0.b1
kdeutils-3.2.0_2                                xpdf-3.00
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