Current cvs kde3 breaks for me in kdelibs-3.2 - Spinlock

Stefan Walter sw at
Sun Feb 8 02:38:24 PST 2004

Michael Nottebrock, 08.02.04, 10:58h CET:

> On Sunday 08 February 2004 02:51, Adam Weinberger wrote:
> > Note that in order to rebuild qt32, you have to deinstall the old
> > version or it won't build.
> That's a bug. If you ever need to do that, please report it to 
> kde at

I can confirm that my major portupgrade yesterday failed on qt32 with a
'Spinlock called when not threaded', too. After removing the installed
qt32, the port built fine. IIRC, it happened when 'uic' was executed; I
didn't save the output, unfortunately.

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