Problem Building Gnomevfs2

Dave Tweten tweten at
Thu Dec 23 01:04:59 PST 2004

Help!  I have two identical ThinkPads.  One has been kept up-to-date.  
I'm trying to update the ports on the other from about 6 months ago to 
current.  Compilation of gnomevfs2 always fails with an @INCLUDE_des@ 
stuck in the compile command for ne_request.c.

Gnomevfs2 builds flawlessly on the machine that has been kept 
up-to-date.  Both machines have gimp and gnumeric on them, which bring 
in lots of Gnome-related libraries.  Both machines have vintage Monday 
/usr/ports trees.  /etc/make.conf is the same on both machines.

I read /usr/ports/UPDATING.  It didn't seem that using the Gnome update 
script would be required because I don't run the Gnome desktop, just 
some GNU utilities that drag in Gnome libraries.  Instead of the Gnome 
desktop, I continue to use the plain X root window, managed by twm.

I concluded that the easiest way  to accomplish the update would be to 
pkg_delete all things Gnome from my out-of-date machine, including gimp 
and gnumeric, and build them again from scratch.  I thought that would 
produce the same effect as an initial installation.  Unfortunately, 
nothing I do gets rid of the @INCLUDE_des@ in gnomevfs2 on the machine 
I'm updating.

What do I need to do to get rid of the @INCLUDE_des@?  Clues will be 
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