FreeBSD Port: boinc-setiathome-4.07

Mike Todd miketodd at
Sun Dec 12 00:08:52 PST 2004

Just looking for a hint or clue:

I downloaded the boinc-setiathome-4.07 and boinc-client-4.13 "package" 
files from the FreeBSD Port collection on and did not end up 
with a README file telling me how to implement what I downloaded nor any 
kind of make file that would let me do a "make install" nor any scripts 
or program files that started either an install, configuration, or 
initialization operation.

Could you direct me to a place where I might get enough clues to get 
started with this?  It's been much too long since I shut down my 
setiathome opeation on my freegsc machines.  I "accidentally" "upgraded" 
an old windows machine to the seti-boinc project and, to my dismay, 
found that all of my freebsd machines quit communicating with seti.

Anyway, thanks for the help...

Mike Todd

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