Updates to the FreeBSD Ports Monitoring System (portsmon)

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Thu Dec 9 01:55:44 PST 2004

I've just made some updates to the FreeBSD Ports Monitoring Systems
on portsmon.firepipe.net.  (If you're not familiar with it, it is a
system that allows you to browse data gathered about certain aspects
of the Ports Collection, with primary emphasis on both Problem Reports,
and also build errors as seen on the ports build cluster.)

The upshot of these changes is that it's now a little easier to navigate
around from report to report and it's a little bit easier to understand
what each report is showing you.  While many of these changes will only
be of use to ports committers and maintainers, end-users may find them
useful as well.

 - The 'everything about one port' page now disables wildcard matches
   on category and portname by default, so that FreshPorts can grow
   a link to that page.  (For instance, until now, if you created a
   URL for the page for 'www/apache', that page would also contain
   data for 'www/apache2'.)  The old behavior can be re-enabled with

 - The same page now has a link back to the FreshPorts page for that port.

 - The same page once again is showing the URL for the port.  Thanks to
   Edwin Groothuis for noticing the problem.

 - Any maintainer name in any report is now a link to the report
   'show the status of all ports for this maintainer.'

 - Any build error label in most reports is now a link to the report
   'show the status of all ports for this build error type.'  That
   report itself, while not new, had been basically hidden until now.
   The exception is the 'everything about one port' page, where the
   link takes you to the individual error log on pointyhat.  (This
   distinction is clearer in context than it sounds.)

 - Text that is displayed about what's in each column of each report
   has been reworked to correspond to the above changes; ones that were
   missing were added.

 - Build errorlogs from the alpha machines are once again available
   (4.X only).

 - The static HTML documents were tweaked up a bit.

This is the first large code update in a number of months so I expect
there to be bugs.  Please let me know when you find them.

Mark Linimon

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