php5 port

Will Mitayai Keeso Rowe mitayai at
Thu Aug 26 10:59:26 PDT 2004

What part don't they agree with?

While i admit i was somewhat disheartened when 5.0.1 came out and i had to 
go redo all my php5-* stuff, it was a small price to pay for the ability 
to start small and only add extensions as dependancies on an as-needed 
basis without having to recompile the whole damn thing.

We've had this ability with Perl for years... and the same need to 
reinstall p5-* on main interpreter upgrade ;-)

If you ever need help, i'd be willing to try lending a hand, though i 
admit my time is somewhat fragmented.


On Thu, 26 Aug 2004, Alex Dupre wrote:

> Will Mitayai Keeso Rowe wrote:
>> who is responsible for the new structure for the php ports?
> Well, that's me :-) But don't say it too loud since not all people agree with 
> you ;-) (luckily only a minimal part)
>> whomever you are, i personally appreciate your efforts more than i can 
>> explain in a simple email.
> Thank you very much for your appreciations! These keep all of us continuing 
> to do our work happily :)

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