Patch to update to net/gaim to 0.70 with working Yahoo!

Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Mon Sep 29 03:08:19 PDT 2003


> Thanks for  your patch, indeed Yahoo  accounts fail since last  week.

Yahoo! changed the protocol, purportedly to combat spam, and released
updated (but still out-of-date - they're for 4.5!) ymessenger clients[1]
just at the last moment, but didn't do anything to help the other IM
clients, AFAIK.

The gaim folks[2] picked up some info from the people who make Trillian
and it's possible to log on and message, but there may be problems logging
off - I haven't tried it.

> I hope this will get committed soon.

There needs to be much more testing, since 0.70 has some non-trivial

> Keep up the good work

Thanks, but what I did was the easy bit: hang out on #gaim on FreeNode and
do a trivial version update to the port. Credit goes to the port


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