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Annelise Anderson andrsn at
Thu Sep 4 02:28:01 PDT 2003

	The bidwatcher ports seems to get updated by David O'Brien
without any notification to this list--which is fine; I'd just thought
if a port were changed it would show up here.

	But I write to ask for a change in the TIMEFUDGE stuff--if left
alone a snipe will be placed five minutes before the time requested, not
AT THE TIME you requested.  Thus I always have to edit the Makefile (since
I don't want my bid to go in five minutes in advance.  It's not hard to
change, it's just that I forget to do so and this five minute fudge seems
to take away the very point of the program, which is to make a bid so
late others cannot respond.  So could we have the TIMEFUGDE set at 0
rather than 300 seconds?  I try to remember to edit the Makefile to do so
but don't always remember.  The program offers a range around 20 seconds,
which is the basic idea.


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