Serious bug in math/superlu port (with fix)

Nakata Maho chat95 at
Fri May 23 17:38:33 PDT 2003


> I have them set, but BLAS won't use them because it's FORTRAN
> not C. Perhaps the ports tree should set FFLAGS ?= $(CFLAGS) for
> g77.
my /etc/make.conf is just like follwings(partially, of course):

CXXFLAGS+= -pipe -O2 -mcpu=pentiumpro -march=pentiumpro
CFLAGS+=   -pipe -O2 -mcpu=pentiumpro -march=pentiumpro
FFLAGS+= -pipe -O4 -mcpu=pentiumpro -march=pentiumpro -fstrength-reduce -funroll-loops -fexpensive-optimizations -ffast-math -malign-double

Anyway, it should be much better to use math/atlas instead of using BLAS,
which is the fastest blas implimentation, and lapack is also paritally
implimented. You want to use atlas on sparc64 platform? yes,
it doesn't compile, reported by kris...

Sincerely yours,
 Nakata Maho / maho at

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