FreeBSD Port: gnucash-1.8.3

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Fri May 23 08:15:30 PDT 2003

On Fri, 2003-05-23 at 04:12, Dave Goode wrote:
> Team,
> Since I compiled and installed this port (upgrading from version 1.8.2), 
> gnucash now segfaults on startup.
> Debugging yields:
> gnucash: [D] "starting up (1)."
> gnucash: [D] "handling command line 
> arguments"("/usr/X11R6/libexec/gnucash/overrides/gnucash")
> gnucash: [D] "files to open: "()
> I've deinstalled and done a 'portupgrade -NRr gnucash', which ensured all the 
> dependencies are up-to-date in both directions, but no joy. I've also deleted 
> all gnucash configuration files. Still no joy. It compiled without complaint, 
> it just won't start.
> Not having gnucash is a real problem for our home accounts. Does anyone have 
> an ideas as to what's wrong? It's very difficult for me to try to trace as 
> gnucash seems to run from a complex chain of shell scripts I can't get my 
> head round at all ;-)
> Is there any more information you need to assist?

You need to rebuild all of GnuCash's dependencies with CFLAGS="-O -g
-pipe" STRIP= to enable debugging symbols, then get a backtrace of the
crash.  I have been unable to reproduce any problems with GnuCash since
the update to 1.8.3.


> Thanks for your help,
> Dave
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