What is the best place to install additional icon sets?

"." at babolo.ru "." at babolo.ru
Fri May 9 23:44:24 PDT 2003

> Let me repeat again, since this point is being lost somewhere in the 
> translation: KDE cannot use KDE iconsets if said iconsets are not 
> installed in the KDE hierarchy.
> In /usr/X11R6 they will be usable by GNOME but not KDE. If they are 
> installed in /usr/local they will be usable by KDE but not GNOME. Since 
> these are KDE icons and not GNOME icons, I think it makes sense to KDE 
> priority in the case of KDE icons.
And I like to use KDE icons in my fvwm95 :-)

Time to move /usr/X11R6 to /usr/local %-((
Or use symlinks $-O  

And invent one more path variable: ${ICONPATH}


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