Which one to use?

Troy Settle troy at psknet.com
Thu May 8 09:21:30 PDT 2003

It seems that some ports, such as exim, can be built with MySQL support,
but ignore the fact that I already have MySQL 4 installed and end up
trying to install MySQL 3 as a dependency.

I do NOT see this with, for example, mod_php, which will use whatever
port of apache is installed (apache13, apache13-fp, apache13-modssl,

Is there a way that the ports can be written to recognize either if one
is installed?  Also ASK the admin which version they'd like if it's to
be built as a dependency?

I'm not on this list, so please respond directly, if at all.


  Troy Settle
  Pulaski Networks
  540.994.4254 - 866.477.5638

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