ports that are between a rock and a hard place ...

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Wed May 7 09:12:40 PDT 2003

Kris' recent tagging of ports that haven't built for a while as BROKEN
has put a few ports behind the 8-ball: one the one hand, they're slated
for demolition, but on the other hand, they've got outstanding PRs
that, if committed, might well fix the brokenness.  All they need is
committers ... any volunteers?

The list that I could find is:

astro/planets (see ports/51665) 
cad/qfsm (see ports/51048) 
graphics/gliv (see ports/51223) 
news/pyne (see ports/48723) 
www/zope (see ports/48343) 
x11-toolkits/fox-devel (see ports/51457)

but I know I'm missing some.

(It might help organize this is there were a "call for deprecation"
list somewhere).


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