PREFIX in pkg-install (cricket-1.0.4.p1)

Sue Blake sue at
Sat May 3 09:35:52 PDT 2003

When I installed net/cricket-1.0.4.p1 the cricket user was added
with the home directory /cricket which seemed a little odd.

My cricket port is a couple of months old, but of the same vintage
as the one on the ports web site.
My ports tree is not in good order so I could have a problem at my end,
but it made me curious about the use of PREFIX.

In pkg-install the pw useradd command uses  -d "${PREFIX}/cricket"

Grepping other pkg-install files, I see that PREFIX is set before
it is used, e.g.

../cvsupit/pkg-install:    PREFIX=/usr/local

../jabber/pkg-install:    etcdir=${PREFIX:-$PKG_PREFIX}/etc

../nrpe/pkg-install:  /usr/sbin/pw useradd ${user} -g ${group} -h - -d ${PKG_PREFIX}/var/nagios \

Is it necessary, or helpful, to add something similar for cricket?




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