FreeBSD: 1.1Beta packages available.

Martin Blapp mb at
Sat Mar 29 10:28:18 PST 2003


As ususal, the packages are available on
for both FreeBSD CURRENT (5.0) and FreeBSD STABLE (4.8).

I'm happy to hear about all reported bugs. Some are already known
are (please do not report these back to me):

-> soffice doesn't start if it is not called within the same directory,
   see Issue 12795.

-> soffice calls setup in background, but crashes itself if no user
   dir is already installed. I'll try to fix this the weekend.

-> soffice does not startup if $HOME/OpenOffice.org1.1Beta/user/config/soffice.cfg
  is missing. If one does "touch" this file, OO starts up.

-> file->autopilot->form still crashes. See Issue 9462.

Any fixes for these bugs or pointers are welcome.


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