FreeBSD Port: courier-0.39.3

Richard Laxton ict at
Thu Mar 27 07:29:37 PST 2003

Hi there

Got FreeBSD5.0 Release trying to install courier and running into a problem.
I've tried using the documentation on the courier website, but the paths are
different in FreeBSD to what is listed in the manual so I am well and truly

What I am trying to do is configure the webadmin to run from my Apache
cgi-bin folder; all I get is
"For security reasons, the default configuration of webadmin prevents access
from non-local IP addresses without SSL. See INSTALL for more information."

So I read the manual and it says I need to create a file saying its okay to
not use SSL ... that's where my problem starts. I don't actually have the
same file path it suggests. This is the part of the readme I am attempting
to follow :
It gives and error when I try to run step 2 (it says make doesn't how to run
the command given) and the little note right under step 3 is where I get a
folder doesn't exist message.

I'd be appreciate of any help, even if you know where there might be a guide
/ manual for installing courier that uses FreeBSD as its base instead of
whatever branding of *nix that guide uses :)

Many Thanks
Richard Laxton, ICT Technician
E: ict at

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