avr-libc-2003.05.11 broken on i386 5.1

Joerg Wunsch j at uriah.heep.sax.de
Mon Jun 9 12:40:08 PDT 2003

As Kris Kennaway wrote:

> http://bento.freebsd.org/errorlogs/i386-5-latest/avr-libc-2003.05.11.log
> Can you please investigate?

Despite that that link has been broken for months now...  I dug
manually through bento's logs.

There's a missing dependency for "gs" in the transfig port that breaks
avr-libc (which has transfig as a prerequisite).  (Previously, perhaps
teTeX had gs as a prerequisite so this problem was masked since teTeX
is also a prerequisite for avr-libc.)

What's the current ports freeze policy to fix things like this?  I see
a "ports freeze" mail from May 21, 5.1R is done, but no freeze lift
has been posted.

Also, would it seem better to properly depend transfig on gs, or
should i rather depend avr-libc on gs because i'm having the apparent
problem here?

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