Gnome 2.2 & Nautilus icon sets

Steve Wingate s.wingate at
Thu Jun 5 14:55:51 PDT 2003

> The drag & drop seems to be never work on me, even on Linux too. The manual 
> by uncompress/unpack and put in the directory always have been work 
> perfect, but I never have done with icons theme. I just did with GTK 
> themes. However, have you tried logout Gnome (exit X) and restart it to get 
> those appear in the list, yet? Can you show me where icons theme tarball 
> that you have downloaded? So, I can try it for myself too.

I uncompressed it to both ~/.icons (which was the default location it searched when I tried INSTALL) and to it's own directory under /usr/X11R6/share/icons/

ie ~/.icons/stylish and

I didn't log out and back in. 

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