fluxbox-devel's install dir

Hendrik Scholz hscholz at raisdorf.net
Mon Jun 2 01:20:50 PDT 2003


On Sun, 1 Jun 2003 19:12:20 -0700
Adam Weinberger <adam at vectors.cx> wrote:

> So a PR has been submitted -- and a repocopy approved -- for the
> creation of x11-wm/fluxbox-devel. My question here is: should the port
> install over fluxbox, or into a separate directory?

fluxbox-devel may use the same styles but almost all other files have
been modified or (in case of the styles) will contain modifications when
pixmap themes are available.

> It's very easy to make the -devel port tack "-devel" onto the end of
> binary names and onto the sharedir dirname, and it works flawlessly in
> that regard.

I did not think about having two ports installed at first but when you
came up with that it seems to be a good idea and fluxbox-devel should
have a -devel tag on all binaries and the share directory.

Thanks, Hendrik

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