HEADS UP: clean up graphics/gd* ports

Norikatsu Shigemura nork at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jul 18 16:24:49 PDT 2003

Hi graphics/gd users!

	I'll clean up graphics/gd, graphics/gd-nox11, graphics/gd2,

	* The first.
	I'll request repocopy and add/remove/update ports.
	graphics/gd		-> graphics/gd1
				-> update to 2.x
	japanese/gd		-> graphics/gd1
				-> (keep it, update to 2.x)
	graphics/gd2		-> (expire/move to graphics/gd)
	graphics/gd-nox11	-> (expire)
	graphics/p5-GD		-> graphics/p5-GD1
				-> update to 2.x
	graphics/p5-GD2		-> (expire)

	* The Second.
	I'll change a default behavior from w/ to w/o Xpm (and X).  All
	ports depending on graphics/gd will not depend on X11.  And, I'll
	handle Xpm support as WITH_XPM in graphics/gd(gd1).

	* The Third.
	I'll change dependency on graphics/gd* for following ports.
		astro/rmap, biology/emboss, biology/genpak,
		comms/hamlib, databases/grass, devel/cvsgraph,
		graphics/ecg2png, graphics/gdchart, graphics/p5-GD,
		graphics/p5-GD2, graphics/phplot, graphics/png2html,
		graphics/py-gd, graphics/ruby-gd, graphics/scr2png,
		graphics/zimg, math/ploticus, math/plplot, net/mrtg,
		net/nagios, textproc/modlogan, ukrainian/gd,
		www/analog, www/http-analyze, www/mgstat,

# Special thanks: Tsuguru Kato, Daichi Goto.

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