Requested change to "poptop" port

Brett Glass brett at
Sun Jul 13 22:11:02 PDT 2003

I'm running a PPTP server that uses the net/poptop port, and need the ability
to use different PPP configurations when users tunnel in via different interfaces.
I've hit upon the idea of using multiple instances of the daemon, listening on
different addresses, which fire off userland PPP using different labels within
the ppp.conf file. Unfortunately, the port doesn't currently have the ability
to do this, nor can it select a different PPP configuration file when it
invokes userland PPP.

I'd therefore like to request that the -o option be changed so that, instead
of specifying an options file for PPP, it specifies the system label to be
used when PPP is invoked.

I can't look at the PoPToP code myself, because it's GPLed, but a friend who
does Linux hacking did it for me as a favor. He tells me that the change
mostly involves REMOVING code -- specifically, a few lines that test for the
presence of a file that's specified with the -o option under Linux. He says
that invoking PPP with that option as the system label (or with "pptp" as the
label if something different isn't specified) is likewise trivial.

Could the port maintainer make this change to the port?

--Brett Glass

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