FreeBSD Port: opendx-4.2.0

Rob Lahaye lahaye at
Wed Jul 9 00:20:57 PDT 2003


My opendx from the ports encounters errors, typically showing an error dialog that
tells "the server connection is broken". Other functions seems to show improper
behaviour as well.

I haven't investigated much, but I deinstalled opendx and instead, I installed
opendx from CVS. However, this showed the same odd behaviour.

When I installed the port version, I noticed that nethdf and hdf were installed
alongside the opendx installation.

So I removed netcdf and hdf from my system, recompiled CVS. Then the problems
had disappeared completely.

Is there anything known about improper behaviour of opendx with netcdf/hdf ports?

I myself have not the slightest idea what is causing this.

Best regards,

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