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Mathieu Arnold mat at
Fri Dec 19 03:32:43 PST 2003

+-Le 19/12/2003 12:27 +0100, Simon L. Nielsen écrivait :
| On 2003.12.19 09:12:25 +0100, Mathieu Arnold wrote:
|> Hi
|> I would have loved a better announce, but well, perl@ has been created a
|> few weeks back, it's aim is to concentrate efforts on "important" perl
|> related ports. We've made the perl list open, so, anybody can join and
|> help us. Anybody with some good will to help is welcome to join us.
| Should I add it to the web pages and Handbook like the other mailing
| lists, or is someone working on that?

Well, no one's working on it, could be interesting.

Mathieu Arnold
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