www/squid maintainer: 3 months and still timing out...

Sergey Matveychuk sem at ciam.ru
Wed Dec 17 00:35:42 PST 2003

Jon Noack wrote:
> Squid is a mission-critical 
> app for my employer and I'm the one responsible for keeping it running. 

The same for me and many other people. May be writing some rules for 
such ports make a sense? And if the maintainer brakes this rules 
persistantly then to take off a maintainership and give it to another 
May be it's sounds too strict but a mainteinership is a responsibility 

Just a moan: if you post a PR and got no answer from a non-committer 
port maintainer you could wait for a month and ask for 
maintainer-timeout-commit. But if a port maintainer is a committer, your 
PR freeze for enternity - nobody takes that PRs.


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