www/squid maintainer: 3 months and still timing out...

Jon Noack noackjr at alumni.rice.edu
Tue Dec 16 14:36:02 PST 2003

3 months of timeouts and counting...

I submitted ports/58090 (a simple update to latest version and vendor 
patches) back in October (and ports/56926 in September before that). 
Thomas-Martin Seck submitted ports/59091 (overhaul and update) back in 
November.  I personally emailed adrian@ to ask him to update back in 

There has been no response.  I understand that we all get busy and can't 
handle things immediately -- I'm not trying to be demanding.  I just 
think it's ridiculous that we're sitting at version 2.5-STABLE3 when 
2.5-STABLE4 has been out since September 15, 2003!  2.5-STABLE4 is 
primarily a maintenance release and (along with the latest vendor 
patches) fixes several crash bugs and numerous more minor issues.

I have been in contact with several people like myself who are now 
updating the port for themselves.  This is also ridiculous; why are we 
all having to duplicate our efforts?  I asked to take over the 
maintainership last summer but adrian@ said he wanted to keep doing it.

What should I do?  I just submitted an updated diff (followup to 
ports/58090) to bring the port up to the latest patches (using existing 
port scheme -- just adding patches).  I would greatly appreciate it if 
someone would look over it and commit it.  It might be a good idea to 
hold off on ports/59091 until the maintainer (adrian@ or someone new) 
can look over the changes made.

NOTE: Also listed in ports/58090 are the numerous PRs that can be closed 
if it is committed (most should have been closed after previous updates).


Thanks and sorry for sounding whiny,
Jon Noack

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