Application for the FreeBSD Ports

Tommy Scheunemann net at
Sun Aug 17 03:44:06 PDT 2003

I've written a small tool for creating menu entries for various X window 
managers. It runs great under FreeBSD (I've tested it with version 5) and 
compiles without any patches. Only the "configure ; make ..." run is 
How may I or you add it to the ports or where may I found documentation 
about it ?
Thanks for help.


In dreams of things I dreamt,
their vividness unforetolde;
The keepers of these luntatique scenes,
of my verye soule tooke holde;
And swiftly made it as their owne,
And I myself was the same one,
to seale that tinye rente;
Through which I'd hoped, be it in vayne,
my soule in flight to sende;
Alack, I now must walke this path,
and that sicker to the ende;
Against my verye thoughts, my verye thoughts ...

Listen to Sven Vaeth ("Harlequins meditation" and "Caravan of emotions") 
may help to understand ...

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