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Andy Fawcett andy at
Sun Aug 3 23:35:56 PDT 2003

On Monday 04 August 2003 09:02, mika wrote:
> Hi,
> It's been three days I try to update my KDE from 3.2
> to 3.3 and always have "coudn't fecth and time out"
> on:
> pilot-link-0.11.7.bz2
> Something wrong with the link..I hope it will be  fix
> very soon

Ummm, it's not the KDE port that is broken. In this case, it's the 
pilot-link one (which is a dependency for the kdepim3 port). Please 
report problems more accurately ;)

The problem appears to be one with the network connection to, on which I am seeing intermittent problems. 
However, I did just successfully fetch the source distfile for this 
port, so maybe you could try again.



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