comparing PLISTs in check-already-installed trouble

Sergey Matveychuk sem at
Thu Apr 24 05:02:34 PDT 2003

Working on comparing PLISTs for check-already-installed target we met 
this troubles which can be resolved by resorting order of target execution.
1) PLIST file can be generated in pre-install target. So 
check-already-target must followed after it. It's looks absolutely safe.
2) PLIST file can hold substitutions (like %%DOCSDIR%%, %%PERL_ARCH%%). 
Completed plist created by generate-plist target which followed after 
do-install target. So we need to move it before do-install.
Here I don't know what can happened with PLIST in do-install and can we 
do it? If do-install can do something that modify PLIST after, we can't 
move generate-plist. If don't do so (it's logically really) we can move it.

So new order will looks as:
_INSTALL_SEQ= install_message check-categories check-umask run-depends\
	      lib-depends install-mtree pre-install pre-install-script \
	      generate-plist check-already-installed do-install \
	      post-install post-install-script compress-man run-ldconfig \
	      fake-pkg security-check

What do you think?

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