'gv' pretty well useless under KDE

Mike O'Brien obrien at rushe.aero.org
Tue Apr 22 15:52:31 PDT 2003

> Hm, I can't reproduce it (KDE 3.1.1/FreeBSD 5.0/gv-3.5.8_3). I even
> have files with "-" in their normal name, and I can view them by typing
> "gv <filename>" in Konsole (that's my normal way), but also from
> Konqueror with Right click/Open with, then 'gv', or left-click so it's
> viewed with KGhostView. Had to specify gs somewhere or it wouldn't find
> the interpreter. Can you do 'gv <filename>' from the Konsole where
> filename is the temporary file name in .kde or /tmp? Any error messages?

	Well, I did a little more digging and I was mistaken.  It
isn't the punctuation in the file path that does it.  It's the
use of a fully-qualified path name starting at the root.  Relative
pathnames all work, full pathnames all don't.  I can't invoke a
relative pathname with a right-click but any such path I type in
a Konsole as an argument to 'gv' works just fine, but typing a
fully-qualified pathname in Konsole, or right-clicking (which
also always uses a fully-qualified pathname) doesn't.  I'm puzzled.

Mike O'Brien

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