new target to display options

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at
Fri Apr 18 03:13:07 PDT 2003

Hi there,

various ports display messages informing the user that they can use
WITH_THIS or WITHOUT_THAT. these messages are put into pre-everything,
pre-fetch, post-fetch... How about a new target, say, "options"?


    @${ECHO_CMD} "You can use the following variables to build this port:"
    @${ECHO_CMD} "WITH_FOO:    includes support for FOO"
    @${ECHO_CMD} "WITHOUT_BAR: disables support for BAR"


.if !target(options)
    @${ECHO_CMD} "No user-servicable parts inside."
    @${ECHO_CMD} "Warranty void if removed."

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your message.    see

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