error building R on FreeBSD 5-current

Ying-Chieh Liao ijliao at
Wed Apr 9 22:56:53 PDT 2003

I got some error when building R from ports (bento got the same error)
but it's ok on FreeBSD 4-stable (on bento log)
could you please help fixing it ?

error messages :

cc -shared -L/usr/local/lib -o do_substitute_direct.o methods_list_di
spatch.o method_meta_data.o slot.o class_support.o tests.o
mkdir -p -- ../../../../library/methods/libs
dumping R code in package 'methods'
Fatal error: The X11 shared library could not be loaded.
  The error was /usr/ports/math/R-a4/work/R-1.6.2/modules/ Undefined symbol "R_GlobalEnv"

*** Error code 2

Stop in /usr/ports/math/R-a4/work/R-1.6.2/src/library/methods.
*** Error code 1
self-producing in perl :
					-- V Vinay
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