Diskcheckd Port and Freebsd 4.7

Bigbrother bigbrother at bonbon.net
Thu Apr 3 22:35:16 PST 2003


I have Freebsd 4.7-Release-p7 and I tried to install the port
Sysutils/diskcheckd    (ports are daily cvsuped)

The message that I received is:

** 'sysutils/diskcheckd' is marked as IGNORE:
        "Not tested on anything less than 5.0, use at discretion"

But the fact is that in an old machine [freebsd 4.4] I had succesfully
Installed and executed the diskcheckd there 1 year ago. So I copied the
executable from the 4.4 to 4.7 and it run smoothly.

My question is why it says that it isn't tested on anything less than
5.0, even though I had compiled and used it on 4.X fbsds in the past?
And how can I find a similar tool for 4.X branch?

Thanx very much in advance!

P.s. I tried to fiddle with the makefile removing the IGNORE line but
the compilation failed in a lot of places...

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