ports/110759: net-p2p/gift-fasttrack: use ${MASTER_SITE_BERLIOS}

Stefan Ehmann shoesoft at gmx.net
Sat Mar 24 12:50:05 UTC 2007

>Number:         110759
>Category:       ports
>Synopsis:       net-p2p/gift-fasttrack: use ${MASTER_SITE_BERLIOS}
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       low
>Responsible:    freebsd-ports-bugs
>State:          open
>Class:          maintainer-update
>Submitter-Id:   current-users
>Arrival-Date:   Sat Mar 24 12:50:04 GMT 2007
>Originator:     Stefan Ehmann
>Release:        FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE i386

System: FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE #24: Fri Jan 12 13:09:58 CET 2007
    stefan at taxman.pepperland:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/TAXMAN


I haven't used this for quite some time, but I got an unfetchable distfile report.

With using ${MASTER_SITE_BERLIOS} we got at least two master sites.



--- gift-fasttrack-diff begins here ---
diff -ruN gift-fasttrack.bak/Makefile gift-fasttrack/Makefile
--- gift-fasttrack.bak/Makefile	Sat Mar 24 12:37:51 2007
+++ gift-fasttrack/Makefile	Sat Mar 24 12:38:58 2007
@@ -8,7 +8,8 @@
 PORTNAME=	giFT-FastTrack
 CATEGORIES=	net-p2p
-MASTER_SITES=	http://download2.berlios.de/gift-fasttrack/
+MASTER_SITE_SUBDIR=	gift-fasttrack
 MAINTAINER=	shoesoft at gmx.net
 COMMENT=	A FastTrack plugin for giFT
--- gift-fasttrack-diff ends here ---


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