ports/99859: New port: net/xorp, open source routing protocol suite

Benjamin Black ben at layer8.net
Sun Sep 24 19:22:28 UTC 2006


this is quite absurd.

on july 6th i submitted my xorp 1.2 port.
on august 2nd xorp 1.3 was released.
on september 21st my xorp PR is put back in the queue.
on september 22nd you committed your xorp 1.3 port.
on september 24th you closed my PR from july 6th and asked me to fix  
your broken port, explaining you had little free time.

that your port was in your local tree "for quite some time" is  
interesting, as my port was submitted a month before 1.3, the basis  
for your port, was released.  further, your port includes flaws that  
would've gotten a port by anyone but a committer kicked back for  
fixes.  instead, you put your port in the tree and ask me to fix it.   
an interesting interpretation of "community development".

you should either have committed my port, as it was, and then asked  
me to provide updates to 1.3 or you should've asked for the updates  
to 1.3 and then committed my port.  do the right thing and i'm happy  
to help.  do the wrong thing, as you have, and you are on your own.

good luck,

On Sep 24, 2006, at 11:49 AM, Bruce M. Simpson wrote:

> Benjamin Black wrote:
>> am i to understand that, even though i submitted a working port  
>> for this months ago, you have instead put your own recently  
>> constructed one in the tree and are asking me to fix it?
> Yes, because I just saw your PR today. My XORP time is currently  
> best-effort only, and sadly, it isn't funded time right at this  
> moment in time. I've had a port in my local tree for quite some  
> time. I see that you already did a lot of good work, so it would be  
> great if that effort didn't go to waste.
> Thanks,

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