ports/101299: New port: www/pivot-weblog A blog authoring tool written in PHP

Hans F. Nordhaug Hans.F.Nordhaug at hiMolde.no
Sun Aug 6 19:06:29 UTC 2006

* Tilman Linneweh <arved at FreeBSD.org> [2006-08-06]:
> On Aug 6, 2006, at 4:23 PM, Hans F. Nordhaug wrote:
> >* Tilman Linneweh <arved at FreeBSD.org> [2006-08-06]:
> >>
> >>The pkg-plist is incorrect, there are several files missing on  
> >>deinstallation,
> >>please check.
> >[cut]
> >
> >These files must *not* be deleted when deinstalling, since they
> >need to be kept when upgrading/reinstalling Pivot. If they are not
> >kept, an upgrade will remove all user settings and all
> >articles/entries in  Pivot.
> >
> >As you notice when deinstalling (look at the Makefile), there is a
> >warning that you manually have to delete (the left-overs) in
> >/usr/local/www/weblog/
> Well some of the missing files are empty directories, so i doubt they  
> are user settings ;-)

The empty directories are the folders where Pivot stores upload images
and generated archives. These needs to be created up front (with the
correct permissions) because (currently) Pivot is *not* intelligent enough to 
create these directories on the fly.

> The problem is, that the programm should work if you just do pkg_add
> pivot.  The files which are not in pkg-plist are not in the package,
> so the  package is unusable.

1) I did follow
and "pkg_add pivot-weblog" does work. Did you even test? *I* did...
2) I didn't use the unexec/exec trick for pkg-plist because I also
need to set the permissions correctly.
3) Did you look at files/pkg-install.in It is run when using pkg_add
according to my testing and the handbook:
And as I said, in 2 above, I need to do it this way because then I can
set the permissions correctly.

Hans Nordhaug

PS! I'm a Pivot developer http://pivotlog.net/docs/doku.php?id=credits

   Associate professor Hans F. Nordhaug
   Department of Informatics, Molde University College

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