Matthias Andree matthias.andree at gmx.de
Wed Apr 26 20:11:08 UTC 2006

Please close ports/96379.

I am not accepting patches to update the FreeBSD/DragonflyBSD port
security/openvpn to 2.0.7.

The only OpenVPN 2.0.7 change affects Windows which doesn't understand
%llu placeholders in *printf, as the ChangeLog very clearly states:

  "2006.04.12 -- Version 2.0.7

  * Code added in 2.0.6-rc1 to extend byte counters
    to 64 bits caused a bug in the Windows version which has now
    been fixed.  The bug could cause intermittent crashes."

I ask that all PRs asking or patching the OpenVPN port
to version 2.0.7 be closed without further questions asked.

Please stop wasting everybody's time with bogus requests!

Thank you.

On Wed, 26 Apr 2006, Edwin Groothuis wrote:

> Maintainer of security/openvpn,
> Please note that PR ports/96379 has just been submitted.
> If it contains a patch for an upgrade, an enhancement or a bug fix
> you agree on, reply to this email stating that you approve the patch
> and a committer will take care of it.

The patch is bogus.

1. USE_RC_SUBR-installed files do not belong into pkg-plist.

2. %%PORTDOCS%% belongs into pkg-plist, the sample scripts
   and documentation files aren't crucial for operation for OpenVPN.
   I'm not accepting patches to remove these %%PORTDOCS%% tags.

3. OpenVPN 2.0.7 does not contain changes relevant for FreeBSD. I'm not
   updating the port if no code, script or documentation changes. See

Matthias Andree

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