Java JDK 1.5.0p1_3 does not handle Numlock correctly

bsdlogical kwlogical at
Sun Sep 11 15:45:50 UTC 2005

I just recently noticed this problem. When I'm working in a java-based 
program, say JEdit, if the Numlock on my keyboard is on, I cannot press 
backspace, I cannot use the arrow keys, and no key on the right-most 
portion of the keyboard works (that includes any of the number keys 
arranged in a 3x3 pattern, the +, enter, delete, *, /, and any other 
keys I'm leaving out). I don't remember this being an issue with JDK 1.4.

To work around this issue, I have to disable numlock entirely and use 
the number keys on the top of the keyboard. Besides the fact that this 
is an inconvenience, it affects any and every program running under the 
Java virtual machine, so it seems to be a problem in Java itself. To 
reiterate, if the numlock is turned on, no control characters whatsoever 
work (tab, backspace, not even the enter key on both sides).

Hopefully some others are experiencing the same problems.


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