ports/84561: [new port] audio/xmms2

Alexander Botero-Lowry alex at complete-systems.net
Wed Oct 19 03:12:51 UTC 2005

The shar archive can be had at: http://www.stampede.org/~drax/xmms2-port.shar

But there is a problem. (which wasn't the case before.) FreeBSD tracks sqlite 3.2.5 in ports. xmms2 DR2.2 will not work with sqlite > 3.2.4. xmms2 in GIT will (which is what i personally use). I suppose the best option is to put this onhold until another DR release, and then i'll updat the port and email back to the list.

I'm fairly active in the xmms2 community, I did the initial ports to all of the BSDs so i should be quick to get the port updated once a new release is made.


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