ports/81171: [Maintainer Update] emulators/xmame to 0.96

Volker Stolz vs at FreeBSD.org
Thu May 19 19:48:22 UTC 2005

On 19.05.2005, at 21:17, Miguel Mendez wrote:
> the blit* bits (gcc 3.3 to a lesser extent too). The thing is, you can
> actually compile this on RELENG_4... if you have 1GiB of total memory.
> IIRC the cluster boxen have 1-2 GiBs, so that's why the problem went
> unnoticed so far. How much memory does the box where you tried have?

Interesting indeed...this one 1G phys and 2G swap, although it didn't 
seem to
have touched the latter...I'll try some more tomorrow. (And I think 
I've a


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