ports/76627: textproc/dictfmt: fix compilation on sparc64

Johan van Selst johans at stack.nl
Fri Jan 28 13:07:56 UTC 2005

Volker Stolz wrote:
> Committed without the PORTREV-bump: Not needed for build-fixes.

Ah, thanks. I hadn't thought of that.

> Could you please submit the patches upstream to the SourceForge
> proejct?


> BTW, I have the feeling that dictfmt would autotune on libJudy -
> could you please check that if you have a minute?
> Thanks for your submission!

The dictd build scripts indeed automatically check for and use libJudy.
However this seems to be used as a plugin for dictd only: Judy it is not
used when only compiling and installing dictfmt.

This might be interesting for net/dictd though.

> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=76627


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